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 Which Bike?

There are many steeds you may choose to successfully complete this Raid; your key concern is to make sure you have the appropriate gearing to address the significant climbs. You want to be on a bike that is prepared for both asphalt and packed gravel riding.

Both routes include significant amounts of packed gravel and elevation with some paved transition segments. Some tips:

  • Road Bike – Maybe. You will want 25mm or wider tires (28′s are best, rough service types – Specialized Armadillos, Continental Gatorbacks, etc. – are not a bad idea). But what if we decide to throw in some Class VI Pave’ sectors? On a roadie you better be Sagan’s long-lost sibling . Want a better idea?, read on…….
  • Gravel Bike (or Cyclocross)– The hot ticket! Out of the crate, just hop on and ride. You may want to opt for “file-tread” tires as they will roll more smoothly than knobbies. Have you been thinking of buying a ‘cross or gravel bike? Well, here’s your excuse!  Got one already? – you’re golden! 
  • Mountain or Fat BikeNOT the best choice! We love MTB’s and fatties and there are all sorts of things you can do to make them roll better. Better is a relative term though; they’re still inherently slow on the road and beasts on climbs. If you’re cool with slow (and can meet or exceed our minimum average pace) then I suppose we are too. It’ll be a long day in the saddle and don’t be whining if you miss the Finish party!



While we have a wave start, rolling off in groups, inevitably certain pace groups emerge. We will all get together after the ride.

NOTE: You must be capable of a 14mph average or higher to participate in this event.

So, what is your self-seeding pace? For our purposes, use your MPH average for a typical training ride. During the online registration process we will offer you a choice of 2MPH increments from which to choose. Don’t let your ego get in the way here; “padding” your average only means you could be late to the party! This isn’t a race, it’s a ride. Your self-seeding just helps us operate the ride efficiently. Thanks.


All in good fun!

This is a personal challenge ride, not a race, and we expect our riders to be courteous ambassadors of the sport, observe the rules of the road and have fun!