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July 20, 2019

We’re headin’ back to Craftsbury for some more VT ass-whuppin……..


…and beer from The Alchemist!







We’ll be back in Craftsbury, Vermont again, hosted by our friends at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, with a post-ride meal from Craftsbury General Store (the “Gennie”, friends) and ice cold beer from The Alchemist Brewery! Stay tuned for other cool announcements.









Raid Lamoille 2018 – click on image for complete album!


Lamoille  – say it like a local, “lah-moyl” – rhymes with olive oil. Got it?

What will 2018 bring? We can tell you it will have both long and shorter routes, stout climbing on quintessential Vermont gravel, a hearty group of riders and an incredible after party..and maybe some surprises. This is one ride you won’t want to miss.

 Yeah, it’s hard. But the decision is easy, you gotta put some gravel in your travel!

Raid – Our definition? A raid is a challenging route that includes a significant amount of packed-gravel riding and some major climbing segments. Some would call it a dirt road randonee, others a gravel grinder, we just call it a Raid. This is not a race. A properly prepared rider and bike of most any type can do this. Our guarantee – you will finish tired but feeling accomplished. It’s probably not for everybody, but you’re not everybody, right?

“I did Lamoille this year (2015).  That was the most enjoyable ride I have ever done. That includes training rides here in Texas,  races here, and the Vermont 50.  The Raid Lamoille was the most fun I’ve ever had on a bike. ”    – Trevor 

Our post-ride celebration will include great grub from Craftsbury General Store’s catering crew washed down by locally-crafted beer from the Alchemist Brewery!